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Email Templates

In this section we can manage the different email templates.

email template settings

The different email templates are

  • Listing Approved
  • Listing Rejected
  • New Response
  • IPN Success for Admin
  • Payment Success for User
  • IPN Failed for Admin
  • Payment Failed for User
  • Registration
  • Reset Password

You can edit these emails if required.

The different email variables we are using in the email templates are listed below.

{SITE_NAME} – It will be replaced by the site name.

{LISTING_TITLE} – Will be replaced by the listing title

{PREMIUM} – This is the featured status of the item whether the item is Premium or Free

{RESPONSE} – This is the response on the listing

{USERNAME} – This is the username to login to the site

{ITEMNAME} – this is the item name

{AMT} – This is the amount added by the user

{TXNID} – This is the transaction ID

{FULLIPN} – This is the full notification of the payment

{DBENTRY} – The success message of the payment

{ERROR} – This is the error message of payment failure

{USER_NAME} – This is the name of the user.

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