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Site Content

The site contents meta data, about us, terms and conditions and testimonials can be manage here.

site content

Meta Data

In this section we can add the page title, meta keywords and meta description (separate for all public pages).

manage common meta data

We can add separate meta data for advertiser page, publisher page, contact page, FAQ page, Home page, Register page, Forgot password page, About Page and Terms page. Also we can display it in different languages if you have enabled the multi language addon.

About Us

In this page, admin can enter something about the site/company.

Here the variable {ADMARKETNAME} will be replaced with original site name in the public end.

You can add it in different languages.

Terms and Conditions

In this page admin can set the terms and conditions of the site.


Admin can see all testimonials and add new testimonial from users here.

manage testimonials

To edit the testimonial, click on the “Edit” button.

To delete the testimonial, click on the “Delete” button.

Click the “Create Testimonial” link to add a new testimonial by the user.

create testimonial

Here first select the user from the drop down menu and then add the testimonial in the section and click “Create Testimonial”.

Manage SEO Url

In this section we can add the SEO friendly names to the urls.

manage seo url

Here we can add more seo friendly name to the pages.

Note 1: DON’T use advertiser and publisher as seo names.

Note 2: Please rename the _.htaccess file to  .htaccess and place this file in the root folder. If there is any issue, please contact our support team.

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