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Twitter Settings

The twitter settings are given below.


You have to create a Twitter application before filling the twitter settings fields.
To create new Twitter application follow the link

Specify your website for the application. This is given in the settings page.
In the twitter application, navigate to Settings > Application Type > Access. Here select Read and Write option.
After updating access, navigate to Details > Your access token in the application and click Create my access token button.

1. API Key – Here enter the API key from twitter application.

2. API secret – Enter the API secret here.

3. Twitter username – Enter your twitter username here.

4. Access token – Here you can enter the twitter application access token.

5. Access token secret – Enter the access token secret here.

6. Message format for posting – This is the message format for posting in the twitter. You can add your message with post title, blog title etc. here. The codes are given below.

  • {BLOG_TITLE} – This is the title of the blog (wordpress site name)
  • {POST_TITLE} – Title of your post
  • {PERMALINK} – This is the URL of the post.
  • {POST_EXCERPT} – This is the summary of your post.
  • {POST_CONTENT} – This is the description of the post.
  • {USER_NICENAME} – This is the nice name of the author.
  • {POST_ID} – This is the ID of the post
  • {POST_PUBLISH_DATE} – This is the post publish date.
If you want to display the post title, the link to the post and the summary of the post, please use the codes  {POST_TITLE} – {PERMALINK}-{POST_EXCERPT}. You can select the code from the dropdown menu.

7. Attach image to twitter post – If you want to attach images with the twitter post, use this option. A sample image is given below.


8. Enable auto publish posts to my twitter account –  If you want to publish your blog posts in twitter automatically, enable this option.

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